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Reptile Cage
Reptile Cage
Used Reptile Cage. Great for Bearded Dragons & other Large Lizards. Complete with with Light Fixture that holds heat & uvb Bulb.


 Welcome to the home of PREMIUM feeder insects (bugs).

No matter what kind of critter you're feeding from bearded dragons,leopard geckos,chameleons,tarantulas,sugar gliders,
hedge hogs,bluebirds,wrens or other wild birds you have chosen wisely my ordering from

Fishermen  Feederbugs has Crickets,Mealworms,Waxworms and Superworms that are killer bait to catch that lunker Bluegill, Catfish,Crappie & even Bass.

We ship on Mondays & Tuesdays only to ensure that your order arrives before the weekend. 

FeederBugs SHIPS BY Priority Mail thru the US Postal Service. NOTE: ALL orders will be held at your Post Office for pick-up. This is the only way we can guarantee live delivery. If you want your order delivered to your home then LIVE delivery IS NOT Guaranteed.

See us  in 2014 at The Midwest Reptile Show in Indianapolis, IN at the Indiana State Fairgrounds on    June 1,   August 31 & October 19  

See us at the  Indiana Reptile Breeder's Expo in Richmond, IN on April 27, at the National Guard Armory, 1200 W. Main Street in Richmond, IN .

If you have a problem with your order contact us at

Never again worry about being late & your feeder bugs being sold-out!

PreOrder for The Midwest Reptile Show on January 19th & the Indiana Reptile Breeders Show on JAN 5 in Richmond and have your order waiting for pick-up at the show! 

Look for the ON-Line ONLY Midwest Reptile Show Specials.  

Notice: Cricket Orders received after 12pm on Monday will be shipped the following week.

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